Manger 80 years old

Elderly Manger

Mason Manger is the protagonist of the series.

Role of the chef

Manger usually cares about his kitchen, as revealed in the episode "Manger's rehabilitation" that he always cooks for his clients, he worries even if his employees (especially Biscuit and Onniverours) don't go to work in his restaurant ("The awakening of food lovers"), also won an award for best chef in the city ("Manger Resturant Training Video"), judging by that episode, it seems that Manger has a lot of kitchen experience, now Manger is no longer the head of his restaurant, but continues to do his role as a cook, Manger is very happy when cooking ("Willy head of the restaurant" and "Dance Party in Manger Resturant").

Health Problems

One of Manger's well-known health problems is being overweight, due to the fact that he is excessively fat, he struggles to walk, even if he drives the car, he has also very light equilibre problems.


  • Merion (wife)
  • Maximiliam (father)
  • Unnamed mother
  • Harold (brother)
  • Manfred (grandfather)
  • Fernard (great great grandfather)


Conol Clinton

The relationship between Manger and Conol, at the beginning was a friendship, like when they went for a Picnic, and when Conol advised Manger about the techniques to fight ("Wrestling"), however, during the series, Conol got tired of the attitudes of Manger, and usually appears with Cricchetto, Conol became more neutral with Manger, but it turns out that Conol had previously helped run his restaurant after McDonald's death, he became more a working colleague for Manger, and also a relationship between chef and customer.

Cricchetto Bassotti

Unlike Conol, who at first was a friend with Manger, the relationship between Manger and Cricchetto is totally neutral, it is only between a cook and a policeman, as when Manger thought of Cricchetto as "The policeman know the major", or when Manger, while he was grabbing Fritz's neck, and saw Cricchetto, ran away, so he knows what Cricchetto could do as a policeman.


  • He looks like Roger Doofenshmirtz from Phineas and Ferb.
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